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Local Listings

Web Traffic Networks posts your business on over 60 business directories. Next time when someone searches for a business like yours nearby, your website comes up.

National Listings

With your site listed on more than 60 business directories, not only will you benefit from local listings, but listings major listings like Bing, Yahoo and Google provides a national presence.

Target Audience

Web Traffic Networks designs your site for visitors using desktops, tablets or smartphones. We rely on analytics to determine your audience.


Combining analytics, design, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Blogging and Email Marketing, Web Traffic Networks creates a plan for your site and marketing.

1. Full Business Listing Citation Audit

Web Traffic Networks knows the most important part of any Local SEO strategy is consistency. That is why every single local campaign begins with a complete audit.

Without this step, your money is wasted.

We spend time and intense effort cataloging correct and incorrect citations. We avoid duplication in our efforts. The results are clear with a roadmap to repairing incorrect citations.

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2. Local Citations Building

Local directory citations are the core ingredients of Local SEO. Web Traffic Networks carefully makes sure you have the Best business directories for your market. We examine Ego directories, Competitor directories and Competitor review directories to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

3. Rich Media Citations Create Web Traffic

We know that anyone can produce plain directory submissions, but we take the extra effort to include any video and graphics you may have related to your business. Web Traffic Networks builds a gallery from your photos. We have learned that the viewers are interested in seeing your business. The photos, graphics, and videos are also optimized for all the search engines to provide higher rankings.


Every year since 2013, Social Media has increasingly become more important. Web Traffic Networks makes certain you remain ahead of the game by rounding out your citations by getting you listed in awesome directories. We try to submit your site to powerful and authoritative Social Media platforms.

Local Business Listing Plans and Pricing

Web Traffic Networks helps create a strategy to reach local and national business visitors. We develop a target audience to deliver the right messaging through Online Marketing concepts, such as a forum, social network, email, SEO, and analytics. More than 76% of all searches are made over the Internet using smartphones and tablets. With a presence that is optimized in over 65 online directories, along with Google and Bing, your listing is extremely valuable and indispensable. Web Traffic Networks helps you with the ideal way for new and existing customers to locate your up-to-date business information. It only takes a few clicks! No matter what your potential customers are using, Smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs, they will find you. To learn more, please read the following article "Local Content Marketing Plan; Do You Have One?